FREE TIBET! FREE CHINA! — Speech on Mar 10, 2017, 58th Tibetan Uprising Day Rally


Speech on Mar 10, 2017, 58th Tibetan Uprising Day Rally,

(in front of the PRC Embassy, Washington DC)

Adela Lan (Xueli Wang)


Dear Tibetan Sisters and Brothers!

Standing here with you today, my heart weeps like this cold rain. I can hardly imagine on this day 58 years ago, what kind of brutality, what kind of atrocity, did his Holiness the Dalai Lama and you brave Tibetan people, have to endure and fight against, in order to carve your path of escape from captivity and oppression. It is even harder to comprehend what strong tolerance, what noble forgiveness have driven his Holiness and you kind-hearted Tibetan people down a path of negotiation, towards the Middle Way, towards self-immolation and self-sacrifice, instead of seeking a violent revenge against Han civilians. I can hardly find words to express my profound respect and deep gratitude.

My dear Tibetan Sisters and Brothers, when I stand here today with you, I am not simply a guest speaker. I do not feel like a stranger. I feel the same pain as you; I feel the same anger as you! This red flag behind me, this regime, has not only taken your home, your beloved homeland Tibet, it has also seized my home, my beloved country, the mainland of the Republic of China, for as long as 68 years… I know damn well how much you have suffered since 1959, just as we have suffered since 1949.

When I stand here shoulder to shoulder with you today, my beloved Tibetan sisters and brothers, please have faith that we Han Chinese and Tibetan peoples are not enemies. We are all victims of this evil regime! We share the same pain, we share the same sorrows. Similarly, we also make the same efforts and share the same goal, which is to throw off the yoke of the Chinese Communist Party for the rebirth of a Free Tibet and a Free China!

Let’s shout together!

Free Tibet!!  Free China!!


Adela Lan (Xueli Wang) is the founder of “ROC Constitutionalism School of Thought” and a leading voice for the Restoration Movement of the Republic of China in the Mainland. She chairs China Strategy Institute and is Secretary-General of International Han/Chinese-Tibetan Association.


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